Valentine’s Day on Campus – A PWS Perspective

February 13, 2023

In our final installment of Valentine’s Day – a PWS Perspective, we highlight ways Latham Centers approaches the holiday on campus to create a non-food centered holiday. Our staff get together from all departments and discuss the residential activities, school plans, and health and wellness initiatives. For our greater Prader-Willi syndrome community, we hope these…

Housing Huddle in Harwich provides workforce housing forum

February 11, 2023

Latham Centers’ leadership continues to advocate for creative housing options locally, joining the “Community Housing Huddle” in Harwich on February 1st and urging action from all of us. Sponsored by Housing to Protect Cape Cod and the Town of Harwich, the session was attended by nearly 60 people. Presentations were made by town officials and…

Relationships and Media – PWS Perspective

February 9, 2023

Today’s installment of our Valentine’s Day/PWS Perspective series, “Relationships and Media,” is by Patrice Carroll, LICSW, Director of PWS Services. (If you missed the first blog in our series, Valentine’s Day – A PWS Perspective, we discussed changing how we communicate and embrace the holiday in consideration of our Prader-Willi syndrome population. Patrice shares this…

Representative Chris Flanagan visits Latham School

February 8, 2023

Latham was thrilled to host a visit with our new State Representative, Chris Flanagan. Representative Flanagan toured Latham School with Board Chair Christine Thomas, M.D., Past Chair Christine Gillstrom, Monique Williams (Vice President of Children’s Services), Anne McManus (CEO), and tour guide Daniel (Latham student). Representative Flanagan was able to meet members of our staff…

We’re thrilled to share our newest career opportunity: Workforce Development Project Manager!

February 6, 2023

An exciting new project manager position has just been announced at Latham Centers! The Workforce Development Project Manager (APPLY NOW!) will plan and implement a new Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) Workforce funding project as part of a multi-disciplinary team here at Latham. This full-time position will collaborate with Human Resources, Training,…

The Meaning of Valentine’s Day – a PWS Perspective

February 4, 2023

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? Depending on your perspective, you may be thinking of the positive or negative sides of being in a romantic relationship. Latham’s Director of PWS Services, Patrice Carroll, LICSW, suggests that we change the narrative around Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is…

Latham School Artist Reception: A favorite highlight of January

February 2, 2023

Our students proudly showed their colorful collection of paintings at an evening reception at the Brewster Ladies’ Library on January 24th. The event was an hour of sheer happiness and celebrated the month-long Latham Student Art Show hosted by the library. The room was filled with acrylic pouring paintings as well as an inspirational slide…

AmazonSmile charity donation program will end in February

January 31, 2023

Amazon has announced that they plan to shut down AmazonSmile by February 20, 2023. The program was launched just over a decade ago so customers could support their favorite charities. It has not grown to create the impact that Amazon had originally hoped, however. With more than 1 million eligible organizations globally, Amazon has determined…

Virtual student ‘Virtual Art Show’ features CM: “We are so proud of him and are honored that he is a part of our virtual lives.”

January 30, 2023

Caption: CM (walrus on left) followed along step-by-step with Katrina as she drew her walrus (right) on the Virtual White Board through Zoom. In our second installment of our virtual student Virtual Art Show, the Latham PWS Outreach Team celebrates the artistic talent of CM. Art by CM is from our Animals of the World…

Students learn about the Kennedys on Cape Cod at the JFK Museum

January 27, 2023

Twenty-five Latham Centers students ventured off-campus to explore the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum recently. Outings like this in both the educational and residential programs create an environment where students engage in their community and learn from others – while others learn from them! Lisa Radtke, Special Education Teacher who spearheaded the outing, said: Wendy…

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