AmazonSmile charity donation program will end in February

Amazon has announced that they plan to shut down AmazonSmile by February 20, 2023. The program was launched just over a decade ago so customers could support their favorite charities. It has not grown to create the impact that Amazon had originally hoped, however. With more than 1 million eligible organizations globally, Amazon has determined that the impact of was spread too thin.

To help the charities (including Latham Centers) that have participated in AmazonSmile, before the official close of the program in late February, Amazon will provide us with a one-time donation equal to three months of what was earned in 2022. Charities will continue to accrue donations until the program officially closes at the end of February.

Latham Centers would like to thank all donors who participated in the AmazonSmile program and selected us as their charity of choice!

There are many other ways to support the life-changing work we do at Latham. To find out about how you can make a difference, please visit our website “How You Can Help” section at


Pictured above: One Latham employee’s dashboard showing their impact (individually for Latham Centers – and globally by Amazon Smile)

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