Valentine’s Day on Campus – A PWS Perspective

In our final installment of Valentine’s Day – a PWS Perspective, we highlight ways Latham Centers approaches the holiday on campus to create a non-food centered holiday. Our staff get together from all departments and discuss the residential activities, school plans, and health and wellness initiatives. For our greater Prader-Willi syndrome community, we hope these tips will be helpful:

Some Tips Based on How Latham Celebrates Valentine’s Day on Campus:

      • As a group, each classroom makes valentines for all the other classrooms, rather than individuals. This way, everyone feels included.

      • During residential time, focus is on activities which may include a Valentine’s Day Dance, a Valentine’s Day Parade, and Valentine’s Day crafts.

      • We have a Valentine’s Day Restaurant Night with healthy and delicious foods that are still within calorie count. This is a bit out of the ordinary, however, it still fits within our students’ schedule. Everyone dresses up for the special dinner, and staff from different departments serve students as if they were in a fine-dining restaurant.

      • Students still receive a couple small pieces of candy and eat them in one sitting so nothing is taken back to the room (avoiding food trading, hoarding…)

      • For Valentine’s Day gifts, students each receive a couple of non-edible gifts, such as sensory items. Often, students will go on a parade route through campus so different departments can join in on the fun, and students get a bit of exercise while gathering the good!


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