Spring/Summer Appeal 2023

Celebrate the retirement of Latham Centers’ President & CEO by giving to the Anne McManus Health & Wellness Fund

Dear Friends, 

This June, Anne McManus retired after 25 years of dedicated service as President and CEO of Latham Centers, Inc.

Anne joined Latham Centers as President in 1988 after spending the early part of her career as a social worker advocating for vulnerable children through the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC). During her tenure at Latham Centers, Anne’s visionary leadership, warmth, sense of humor, and collaborative management style have fostered the progress of our agency and established Latham as an internationally recognized leader in treating children and adults with Prader-Willi syndrome and other complex special needs.

Anne has guided Latham through continued growth, program development, quality enhancement, and a global pandemic. Her hard work and creative thinking led to the development of Latham’s Adult Services Program, two beautiful new dormitories built on the Brewster campus, two state-of-the-art adult group residences designed to allow our oldest residents to age in place safely, and the Latham campus expansion project with groundbreaking scheduled to take place this summer. 

Anne’s lifelong commitment to improving the lives of countless children and adults has inspired a new generation of Latham leaders invested in the agency’s future and the individuals we serve.

In so many ways, Anne has grown to be the heart and soul of Latham Centers. While she will be deeply missed, we all wish her a well-deserved, long, healthy, and happy retirement. 

We have established the Anne McManus Health & Wellness Fund in her honor. Donations to the fund will serve as a tribute to Anne and will support health and wellness programming, fitness and gardening supplies, and Special Olympics participation and training for Latham’s students and adult residents. 

Please join us in celebrating Anne’s retirement and her many contributions by making a gift to Latham Centers in her honor.

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