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Staff Awards

Each year, we recognize the passion and commitment of our staff who go above and beyond to support individuals with complex disabilities. From fostering a supportive environment to implementing innovative programs, our staff embody our mission of enriching lives. Join us in celebrating the outstanding contributions of our remarkable team who make a difference every day.

Roy T. Morgan Direct Support Staff Award 2024

To a critical member of Latham Centers' Program who goes above and beyond, has an innovative approach to care, and who acts as a community ambassador.

Throughout Roy T. Morgan’s life, he made it clear that he was dedicated to the notion of “being his brother’s keeper” and created the Roy T. Morgan Foundation to aid children with disabilities. His Foundation continues to be a critical funding source in residential programming.

2024 Winners 
Brian Merchant
Melissa Sheldon

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William McClennan Staff Award 2024

To an administrative staff person who works behind the scenes to support Latham Centers programs.

William “Bill” McClennan was a friend and supporter of Latham Centers for more than twelve years before his death in November 2010. Most notably, Mr. McLennan was heavily involved in the creation of Latham Centers’ Asinotherapy.

2024 Winners
Patti Hynes-Morris


Leadership Excellence Award 2024

Recognizing Directors, Department Heads, Managers and Supervisors across all departments of Latham Centers who exhibit exceptional support to their staff.

The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor leaders who embody a set of exceptional qualities and achievements. These leaders are known for their ability to guide and inspire others, visionary skills, and unconventional solutions.

2024 Winners
Bethany Franklin
Melanie Mimmo

Dr. Russell Boles, Jr. Rookie of the Year Award 2024

To a new employee at Latham Centers who has made an outstanding contribution.

Until his death in 2019, Russell S. Boles was one of Latham’s biggest cheerleaders. He was always upbeat, ready to tackle any issue impacting our programs, and always went above and beyond to ensure Latham’s success.

2024 Winners
Sarah Martins
Jade Wessell
Ashley Bulger

Anne C. McManus Community Award 2024

Recognizing a community member or business who has contributed outstanding advocacy efforts for the benefit of Latham Centers, and who superbly supports our residents and staff.

Anne C McManus retired in 2023 after over 20 years of service to the agency. Through her visionary leadership, warmth, sense of humor, and collaborative management style she helped establish Latham Centers as an internationally recognized leader in treating children and adults with Prader-Willi syndrome.

2024 Winners
Andre Lima - Capoeira

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Virtual Tour of the Anne McManus Campus Center

2024 Nominees

Ashley Boudreau
Ben Potts
Bibi Charran
Brian Merchant
Caitlin Harris
Carlyn Setchell
Chris Howard
Desiree Michienzi
Jacqueline Ellis
Jeffrey Lee
Jen Burns
Joey Mallon
Kevin Cole
Khanh La
Maureen Bittar
Michael Conkling
Seth Grunwald
Alanna Capitummino
Daniel Lyerly
Darren Redmond
Esteban Suarez
Kyle Faria-Robertson

Cynthia Varetimos
Gina DeSimone
Heather McPhee
Indra Singh
Jamie Gray
Jan Holt
Janaina Brazo
Jeff White
Kevin Svedine
Kileigh Holt
Liz Robichaud
Melissa Sheldon
Monique Oden
Sarah Davis
Ted Parke
Amy Schmalzer
Anne Haglof
Ashley Pouliot
Bill Gilbert                 
Jackie Pierre
Karolina Pena
Katie Hughes
Neil Forrester

Brendon Elderidge
Dawn Morand
Erica Wahlstrom
Jennifer Tabet Shea
John Charran
Karen Danczak
Kevin Caswell
Kim Wohlbold
Laura Sears
Patty Hynes-Morris
Threse Quill
Tiffany Tuccillo
Arlene Harrington
Bethany Franklin
Brianna Isaacs
Brittni Meins
Gina Sheehan
Greg Powers
Jade Wessell
Regi de Miranda Filho
Riley Craig
Sarafina McNeil
Sarah Travers
Martina Hall

Jamison Roy
Joellen Whatley
Kelly Sherman
Kendra King-Blischke
Kristi Dolbec
Kristina Law
Laura Haskew
Lauren Green
Marissa Clancy
Matt O'Sullivan
Meghan Foley
Melanie Mimmo
Monique Williams
Robert Shedlosky
Taylor Burns
Vikacha Phiri
Alyn Pierre
Amanda Ciarmataro
Bonnie Schumacher
Sarah Martins
Herfa Allen
Jacob Fellows                   
Lynne Oakley

Past Years Winners

Dr. Russell Boles, Jr. Rookie of the Year Award

Craig Thatcher - 2019
Jeffrey Lee - 2020
Vincent Durant - 2020
Shannon Kennedry Cabral - 2021
Desiree Clark - 2021
Angelina Rivera - 2022
Adam Tartaglia - 2023


Roy T. Morgan Direct Support Staff Award

Julie Larkin - 2009
Amy Smith - 2010
Bob and Chris Thompson - 2011
Kalyn Mika -2012
Shirley Martin - 2013
Brant Lemieux - 2013
Jane Billings - 2014
Melissa Hyer - 2014
Penelope Chatterton - 2015
Andrea Brown - 2015
Melissa Soares - 2016
Monique Williams - 2017
Deb Anderson - 2018
Orion Bean - 2019
Brianna Isaacs - 2019
Joey Mallon - 2020
Bethany Franklin - 2020
Chris Howard - 2021
Matt Durant - 2021
Heidi Richardson - 2021
Jac McGrath - 2021
Samantha St. John - 2022
Mac Selesnick - 2022
Shannon Kennedy Cabral - 2023
Lani Kaeka - 2023

William McClennan Staff Award

Susan LaPlant - 2009
Amy Schmalzer - 2010
John Charran -2013
Dawn Dinnan - 2014
Carol Sullivan - 2015
Rebecca Amaral - 2016
Anne Hagloff - 2017
Beverly Hopkins - 2018
Patricia Bachand - 2019
Brendon Eldridge - 2020
Anne Gilmore - 2020
Danielle Kinder - 2021
Monique Williams - 2021
Kristin Albano - 2022
Jen Tabet Shea - 2023
Matthew O'Sullivan - 2023

Roy T. Morgan Community Award

Brewster Baptist Church - 2009
Brewster Ladies Library - 2009
Wild Care, Cape Cod - 2009
Yarmouth Police Department - 2009
Eileen Miller, Orleans Convalescent and Retirement Center - 2010
Ocean Edge Resort and Health Club - 2010
Miguel Cruz, Mid-Cape Raquet and Health Club - 2010
Janice Baltrushunas, Capewood Labrador Retrievers - 2011
Karen Whiting, American Red Cross - 2012
Sylvia Pott, Volunteer - 2012
Harwich Quilt Bank - 2012
Nancy Sheridan, Emerald Hollow Farm - 2013
Bob Bernstein, Parent/Donor - 2013
Stephen Bebrin, Parent - 2013
Justin E. Chamberlain, Kmart - 2013
Masonic Angel Foundation - 2014
Cleon Turner, MA State Representative - 2014
MSPCA - 2014
Rogers and Gray - 2015
Lt. George Bausch, Brewster Police Department - 2015
Brooke Eaton-Skea, Federated Church of Orleans - 2017
Secure Networks - 2017
Singer & Singer - 2017
The Boles Family - 2018
Cape Pediatric & Family Dentistry - 2018
Windscreens of Cape Cod - 2019
The Quilt Ladies - 2019
Town of Brewster -2022
Chris Blake, Blake's Barber Shop - 2023
Jennifer Lerch, USDA - 2023

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