Students learn about the Kennedys on Cape Cod at the JFK Museum

Twenty-five Latham Centers students ventured off-campus to explore the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum recently. Outings like this in both the educational and residential programs create an environment where students engage in their community and learn from others – while others learn from them!

Lisa Radtke, Special Education Teacher who spearheaded the outing, said:

Wendy Northcross, Executive Director, spoke with the students about the Kennedy family’s years on Cape Cod. She shared photos of President Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, enjoying time with their children and other family members. Wendy pointed out that Jack preferred to go sailing where he could relax with friends and escape the stress of issues facing America. The students were particularly interested in learning that Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded Special Olympics, an activity that many Latham students have enjoyed.

After the talk, the students toured the museum and were fascinated by the photos and artifacts of the Kennedys’ time spent on the Cape. Several students said they were hoping to return with their families to spend more time viewing the displays.

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