PWS Heroes! Student Jessica and Staffer MaryClaire

May 12, 2023

Both Jessica and MaryClaire have contagious smiles and warm personalities, and when you see them together on campus you can’t help but smile! PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Bathroom Hygiene There are lots of products for sale to help with bathroom hygiene. Portable bidet seats and wiping wands to assist with wiping are…

PWS Heroes! Student Quinn and Staffers Brittni and Katrina

May 11, 2023

Quinn always looks ready to impress after haircuts with Katrina and Brittni. Since coming to Latham, when Brittni and Katrina first met him, Quinn has learned many new skills and his personality has blossomed in the new environment. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Getting Involved in the PWS Community Check with local and…

Two staff attend a job fair

FPWR Canada Conference garners new connections in the community

May 10, 2023

Latham Centers traveled to Toronto last weekend to participate in the FPWR Canada National PWS Family Conference. On Saturday, May 6th, the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Canada hosted a variety of professionals and families in a one-day, educational, inspiring, and well-attended conference. Latham Centers was pleased to sponsor and present, speaking on Behaviors, Social Skills,…

PWS Heroes! Student Ryan and Staffer Jen

May 10, 2023

Ryan is a young man full of knowledge and always likes to share new fun facts with Jen, Latham Chef. Here, Jen and Ryan pose for a photo during the annual Halloween Parade. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: No-Food Policy Remind schools and day programs frequently of the No-Food Policy. New staff may…

PWS Heroes! Student Sequoia and Staffer Joey

May 9, 2023

Joey is regularly impressed with Sequoia’s artistic abilities and supports her creativity in the classroom. She is a student bursting with positive energy and Latham is lucky to have both her and Joey as important members of the community. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Keeping a Clean Space If your child’s room is…

PWS Heroes! Student Grant and Staffer Jameson

May 8, 2023

Grant loves going on activities with his staff, Jameson! He is always ready to get off-campus and engage in fun community events ranging from the movies to nature walks. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Self-Care Remember to take time for yourself. Even a half hour per day of “you time” can help your…

Latham Heroes! Student Homer and Staffer Jacqueline

May 7, 2023

When asked about their favorite activity to do together, Jacqueline and Homer talked about how much fun they have doing everything, especially arts and crafts! Recently, they did a surprise project for Homer’s family, and enjoyed every minute of it. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Morning Routines Start easing into the end-of-school-year sleep/wake…

PWS Heroes! Student Lily and Staffer Ashley

May 6, 2023

Ashley was one of the first people Lily met when she came to campus, and to this day, when Lily sees her on campus, she says, “how are you, friend?!” PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Getting Ready for School Typically, at this time of year, we would be starting to prepare our kids…

PWS Heroes! Student Dominic and Staffer Ashley AND Adult Resident Nina and Donkey Care Specialist Kris

May 5, 2023

Ashley and Dominic are a great team around campus, and as his clinician, Ashley has helped Dominic learn new skills and make great friends!  Nina has grown up through Latham’s Children’s Program and is now part of our Adult Program. She is certified in Donkey Care through our Asinotherapy Program led by Kristiane Thompson, and…

PWS Heroes! Student Joselyn and Staffer Danny

May 4, 2023

Joselyn is a student who often participates in the activities Danny plans, especially Special Olympics – she is GREAT at basketball! PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Peer Relationships People with Prader-Willi syndrome may need additional support when it comes to relationships. Our job is to ensure that they can learn the skills to…

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