FPWR Canada Conference garners new connections in the community

Latham Centers traveled to Toronto last weekend to participate in the FPWR Canada National PWS Family Conference. On Saturday, May 6th, the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Canada hosted a variety of professionals and families in a one-day, educational, inspiring, and well-attended conference. Latham Centers was pleased to sponsor and present, speaking on Behaviors, Social Skills, and Executive Function. Other sessions included supporting the entire family, updates in research, and nutrition and wellness.

Below we’ve included a short synopsis of the Latham Centers presentation led by Patrice Carroll, LICSW, Director of PWS Services; Brittni Kliment, M.Ed., Vice President of Marketing, Admissions, & Licensing; and Katrina Kozak, MSPC, Director of National Outreach.


-The list of what’s good in a person with PWS is so much longer than the opposite

-Praise and positivity

-Why punitive approaches generally don’t work

-Theory of Mind

-Barriers to success and rigid thinking

-Understanding how the brain works

Social Skills:

-Teaching, Practice, Action

-How a person with PWS may perceive an event

-Getting stuck and fixated

-Social Awareness -Modeling Behaviors

-The importance of the pause

Executive Function:

-The elements of executive function and how common PWS challenges get in the way

-Short- and long-term vs working memory

-Understanding executive function specifically from the lens of a person with PWS

-How anxiety effects working memory and executive functioning disorder

-Environmental factors

The conference was a smashing success, and the PWS Outreach team spoke with many parents, family members, doctors, and professionals from other organizations like OPWSA, all of whom approach the world of PWS with compassion and consideration. We can’t wait until next time!

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