PWS Heroes! Student Dominic and Staffer Ashley AND Adult Resident Nina and Donkey Care Specialist Kris

Ashley and Dominic are a great team around campus, and as his clinician, Ashley has helped Dominic learn new skills and make great friends! 

Nina has grown up through Latham’s Children’s Program and is now part of our Adult Program. She is certified in Donkey Care through our Asinotherapy Program led by Kristiane Thompson, and she can quickly encourage our donkeys to do tricks and perform for a crowd.

PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Create a Calm Space

Children and adults with Prader-Willi syndrome can easily become overstimulated and overwhelmed over everyday things. Create a space where they can go when the environment is simply too much for them. This doesn’t have to be a whole room; it can simply be a separate space in an existing room.

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