PWS Heroes! Student Scott and Staffer Rob S.

May 22, 2023

Rob is a staff who goes above and beyond during the holidays, often dressing like favorite mascots like the Easter Bunny! Latham student Scott is a vocational student extraordinaire, who impresses staff like Rob regularly with his amazing skillset. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Good Moments Keep a running list of good moments…

Latham Heroes! Student Anilton and Staffer Rob H.

May 21, 2023

Anilton has the bubbliest personality, and it is truly contagious. Regardless of the residential activity, it is impossible not to have fun when you are working with Anilton, as Rob can attest.  PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Extreme Temperatures Playing in the snow can be fun but keep it short. Frostbite can set…

PWS Heroes! Student Kai and Staffer Ron AND Adult Resident Ayanna with Jamie!

May 20, 2023

Ron and Kai love doing all types of residential activities together, but their favorite is going on the swings! AND Ayanna, a resident in our adult program, loves to go out in the community with her Staff, Jamie. Their favorite activities are going to the library, the nail salon, taking walks, and of course, going…

PWS Heroes! Student Annika and Staffer Taylor

May 19, 2023

Annika loves doing her best no matter where she is or what she’s doing! When we are out in the community with her staffer Taylor, she utilizes impeccable manners and always has a smile on her face. You can always count on Annika to light up the room, just as she did during this Tinker…

PWS Heroes! Student Mathias and Staffer Shannon

May 18, 2023

Mathias is an amazing learner, and his teacher, Shannon, puts together individualized lesson plans that hone in on his interest and capabilities!   PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Insurance Support Contact your health insurance company if you need assistance building a healthy menu. Most have services available to help with nutrition and diet.

PWS Heroes! Student Chris and Staffer Marissa

May 17, 2023

Chris loves animals of every type, but particularly loves dogs and reptiles. He remembers every staff member’s pet names and courteously asks about them and what they’ve been up to. He is a such a caring person! Marissa is one of his favorite staff – she is always so supportive of his interests. PWS Awareness…

PWS Heroes! Student Peyton and Staffer Taylor

May 16, 2023

Peyton, a fantastic student representative, stands here with one of her favorite staffers, Taylor, to receive the “Best in Show” award for last year’s float in the Brewster in Bloom Parade. Staff and students worked very hard to put together such an award-worthy and cheery float. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: PWS Trainings…

PWS Heroes! Student Jake and Staffer Patrice

May 15, 2023

Patrice (who is the expert writing all of the tips this month) has known Jake and his family for years. She has seen him grow into a thoughtful and caring youngster learning to utilize new coping tools! Patrice and Jake – we are so lucky that you are part of our Latham community – you…

Latham Heroes! Student Weiss and Staffer Matt

May 14, 2023

Matt is our Principal and has seen Weiss become more comfortable since the day he joined us on campus. Weiss is a great friend and always asks thoughtful questions to friends and staff around him. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Deep Breathing Practice deep breathing every day. Blow bubbles! Poor muscle tone impedes…

PWS Heroes! Student Logan and Staffer Lisa AND Adult Resident Diane with Esau and Ester!

May 13, 2023

Lisa is a relatively new teacher at Latham Centers, and Logan has been helpful from day one! He loves helping peers and students and Lisa loves to help facilitate his learning through great lesson planning and fun activities (like Legos!) AND Diane is currently an adult resident who grew up in our Children’s program and…

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