PWS Heroes! Student Logan and Staffer Lisa AND Adult Resident Diane with Esau and Ester!

Lisa is a relatively new teacher at Latham Centers, and Logan has been helpful from day one! He loves helping peers and students and Lisa loves to help facilitate his learning through great lesson planning and fun activities (like Legos!)


Diane is currently an adult resident who grew up in our Children’s program and she shines as a Donkey Trainer. In this picture, she is photographed while grooming Esau and Ester, her two favorite Donkeys. Esau and Ester are 20 years old and have become important parts of the culture at Latham!

PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Baseline Girth

Take a baseline measurement of your child’s girth/abdomen so you will be able to determine if they are bloated if they get into unauthorized food. Because pain tolerance is so high, your child may not be able to recognize pain associated with a bowel blockage or severe constipation.


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