Monique Williams and Anne Haglof

The Roy T. Morgan Award is given to staff and community members who have shown leadership and commitment towards Latham Centers’ mission over the past year. The William McClennan Award is given to one administrative staff who has excelled in his or her support of our direct-care staff. Yesterday you learned about the Federated Church of Orleans and Secure Networks. Today, we write about two staffers, Anne Haglof (McClennan) and Monique Williams (Morgan).

Anne Haglof: William McClennan Award

“Anne Haglof, Accounts Payable Specialist, advances the agency’s mission with her compassion toward staff, day-in and day-out, in attending to the many small and detailed tasks she handles every day. She puts forth great effort and goes above-and-beyond to acclimate new staff to their roles and responsibilities as they pertain to the Finance Department, and to assist on-going staff to meet their Finance Department duties with cheerful prompts, reminders, and patience. Over the past seven years we have the learned that the value she exemplifies most is that of generosity – her generosity of spirit.

Anne always has a smile on her face, and for that we are so grateful. She communicates flawlessly and is always supportive of co-workers and direct care staff. Moreover, Anne supports our residents in her extracurricular activities. She has run in the Falmouth Road Race since 2013, having raised over $5,000, as well as golfed in the Latham Centers Charity Golf Classic since 2010.”

Monique Williams: Roy T. Morgan Award

“As the Latham School’s Physical Education and Health Teacher, Monique epitomizes what it is to be a great staff member. She is caring, creative, upbeat, generous, and involved. On top of her devotion to teaching Physical Education and Health, Monique takes on the role of Special Olympics Coordinator, “fitness with Monique” instructor, is our resident head lifeguard, and leads our annual Field Day. She plays many important roles here on campus and never hesitates to become involved in a new adventure.

In October, I had the pleasure of presenting Monique with the Excellence in Teaching Award from the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. Monique was recognized for her exceptional work with every student in the audience today. Monique’s creative approach to both of her curriculums have aided our students in being engaged and interested in physical activity, healthy eating, and personal growth and development. Monique has done an excellent job aiding our students in becoming physically active in variety of ways. […] She is respected, idolized, and loved by the students, as well as staff. Monique truly has the heart of a champion.”

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