Latham Centers nominates Monique Williams for the National Association of Therapeutic Schools Conference (NATSAP)


Annually, Latham Centers nominates a teacher on campus for the National Association of Therapeutic Schools Conference (NATSAP). Latham is proud to announce that for the second year running a teacher from Latham Centers been selected from a plethora of nominations. Congratulations to Monique Williams for her outstanding efforts.
Monique Williams is the Health and Physical Education and the Latham School. Physical activity and healthy eating play a large role in the health of our students. Latham Centers specializes in working with students with Prader-Willi Syndrome; a syndrome characterized by obesity and food perseveration. Monique has implemented curriculums in both her health and physical education classes to assist our students in being aware of how to maintain a healthy diet. She effectively writes IEP goals addressing concerns about physical education and health needs as they pertain to each student at Latham, and effectively drives her curriculum and lessons to these goals. Monique is always actively looking for creative approaches to utilize with our students. She is a role model amongst her colleagues and is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever she is needed.
As a teacher, Monique is one of the best! Monique’s creative approach to both of her curriculums have aided our students in being engaged and interested in physical activity, healthy eating, and personal growth and development. Monique has done an excellent job aiding our students in becoming physically active in variety of ways. She has implemented a yoga curriculum utilizing small body movements to practice deep breathing and calming techniques. She has created a weight training program using circuit rotations for large and small motor skills. Monique has taken a Sports Club that meets every Friday, and balanced both an educationally fun curriculum about the history of sports, and matched it with full body activities such as ice skating and swimming.
Monique has taken her Sexual Education curriculum and implemented with modifications and materials that are able to be understood. Monique leads the Latham School Field Day every spring and enjoys creating fun activities for the students to engage in. She is conscious to choose different muscle movements so that each activity brings fun, but also physical activity. Her love for what she teaches is evident every day. Monique’s drive to help our students succeed is among the highest of all our employees.
Monique has willingly taken on the Special Olympics Coordinator position for Latham Centers. She regularly attends informational meetings, webinars, and events, which correlate with the effective and positive implementation of Special Olympics events with our students. She has organizational and leadership skills that have effectively assisted in gaining participation from both staff and students. Monique has led our team of staff in becoming effective leaders and coaches on the field. She regularly instills excitement in our students and aides them in becoming engaged and involved with a sports team. She strives to have 100% participation from all of our students. Monique has successfully led soccer, basketball, football, bowling, and track and field teams at Latham. She has coordinated time for practices, schedules for the day of a game, and planning involved with uniforms, transportation, gym space etc. Through Monique’s vibrant personality and persistence, Latham has a new community partner with a neighboring elementary school whom lends a full-size gym for practice for our basketball team. She has also effectively instilled positive relationships with neighbor bowling alleys for practice. Monique’s excitement and knowledge about the importance of being physically active and being involved with a team, has contributed to the growth and expansion of our Special Olympics program here at Latham Centers.
Monique has also contributed to our SummerTide Swimming Program at Latham Centers. Latham Centers is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful beaches that offer many physical education activities to our students in the summer. Students are engaged in beach walks, sea-shell hunts, and swimming throughout the warm months. She has obtained her Life Guard certification and organized the SummerTide Swimming Program, so that all students can attend and participate. She is a leader at the beach, taking on full responsibility for our student’s safety. She accurately examines every student’s swimming ability prior to the outings, ensuring that student can maintain safety in the water at all times. Monique is the leader for other staff on these outings, and is an effective communicator and support system throughout the day. Without her dedication, knowledge, and excitement, our SumerTide Swimming Program would not be as organized and successful.


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