Federated Church of Orleans and Secure Networks honored for Roy T. Morgan Awards

The Roy T. Morgan Award is given to staff and community members who have shown leadership and commitment towards Latham Centers’ mission over the past year. In honor of Roy T. Morgan, we honored six individuals and businesses. Yesterday you learned why Maura Smith won on behalf of Adult Services. Today, we write about the Federated Church of Orleans and Secure Networks.

Federated Church of Orleans:

The Federated Church of Orleans and the Local Mission Committee truly epitomize the core pillar of generosity. The Federated Church has been a friend to Latham since 1999, and over the past five years has given over $29,000.

Since 2012 the Federated Church has helped to fund Summertide, classroom iPads and educational apps, Sensory Room renovations, and most recently, the Outside Musical Sensory space.

Each year they invite us to give a presentation to the committee, where members ask questions about our new projects, our residents, our staff, and last year’s grant. They are involved from the beginning to end, and often fund the entire project.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a community minded group who understands the needs of our residents. Moreover, the members of the Local Mission Committee and the Federated Church are truly interested helping our residents achieve their goals. The Local Mission Committee, chaired by Mr. Dallas Jones, honors Virginia Cook who cared so deeply for people on Cape Cod – as mentioned by Dallas, “she is present today in spirit.”

Thank you to Virginia Cook, and everyone from the Federated Church of Orleans. More specifically, thank you to Bea Auty, long-time Mission Committee Member and former Chair, Rev. Sally Norris, and Dallas Jones, current Chair.”

Secure Networks: 

“Secure Networks of Hyannis has been a valued service provider to Latham Centers for more than 5 years.  The team of technology support professionals is so much more to our organization than simply our “IT HelpDesk”.  Under the leadership of President Kevin MacArthur, Secure Networks provides the following services:

  1. Customer Service:  The HelpDesk technicians help our staff get set up and utilize the hardware and software they need to do their jobs, and provide ongoing technology training.  Secure Networks’ tech support team is highly regarded for their expertise, professionalism, patience, and kindness.  Our Principal, Brittni Taylor, said, “all of us in Children’s Services appreciate the patience and ongoing assistance as it relates to our MANY IT needs!  We are so thankful to have the Secure Networks team there to assist our students in implementing assistive technology into their educational goals.”

  2. Network Infrastructure ServicesKevin and his team recommend and install the equipment to keep agency data safe, and ensure that our hardware and software systems are reliable and efficient. 

  3. Strategic Planning ServicesThe Secure Networks team is our trusted technology advisor, collaborating on our long-term Technology Plans and ensuring that we stay current with emerging trends and technologies.”

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