Women’s History Month Highlights: Susan LaPlant

Susan sits front and center at the PWANY Conference in Binghamton, NY

Susan with her sons DJ (left) and Samuel (right)

During Women’s History Month, Latham Centers is selecting a few of our many female Latham heroes to showcase. Today we celebrate Susan LaPlant, Admissions Officer.

Susan has worked at Latham Centers since 1994, utilizing her talents in Adult Services, Children’s Services, and Admissions. Throughout the past 29 years, she has truly exemplified what it means to be a caring staff, devoted employee, and fearless innovator. She has loved social services from the beginning, which is why she first applied to Latham Centers in the early ‘90s. She continues to thrive at our agency because she’s passionate about what we do. “I found something where I can encourage other people, like our residents, to fulfill their dreams. Now I find that I can encourage parents to fight against all odds to fulfill their family goals.” During her 29-year journey with us, she has become a mother to two handsome boys, both of whom have special needs. She shares her wisdom with parents daily, and we are so grateful to call her one of our fearless female leaders.

Thank you, Susan. You have been a hero at Latham Centers for nearly thirty years and we could not be more grateful for your years of service.

In case you missed last week’s spotlight on Behavior Specialist Desiree Michienzi.


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