TeamLatham Finishes the Falmouth Road Race 2016




Throughout the summer you’ve seen the progress of our 2016 TeamLatham runners. After months of training and fundraising, our runners, comprised of family members, staff, and friends to the residents of Latham Centers, ran the 7.2 miles of the Falmouth Road Race. The day was warm, with brief, but beautiful wind gusts. Over 10,500 runners waited in anxious anticipation, and the minute the first group started, a cheer rippled through the mass.
All of our runners deserve a huge thank for spending their summer fundraising, and their Sunday running. An equally huge thank you goes out to over 164 donors who supported our runners. Because of your efforts, students and adults at Latham Centers will be able to use fitness equipment especially suited for them over the winter months, when historically, continued exercise on Cape Cod becomes extremely difficult.  Currently the runners have raised $13,865.  If you would like to support our runners reach their team goal of $15,000 please visit
Above is a photo of Becca Dawley, sister to a Latham Resident. She ran the race in an astounding 59:37 – an 8:30/mile.
Other participants include…
-Steve Bebrin
-Andrew Cramer
-AJ Cullen
-Keara Dolan
-Katrina Fryklund
-Anne Haglof
-Kara McDowell
-Gerry Pouliot
-Gina Sheehan
-Brittni Taylor
-Lisa Glasheen
-Roger Good
-Taryn vanEsselstyn

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