Student Excellence: ‘My Dream Job’ educational project by Nicholas

We’re excited to highlight more student work at Latham Centers with today’s focus on student achievement in a long-term vocational project. In our Virtual Learning program, students were challenged with a 15-module program created by staff entitled “My Dream Job.”  Each student participating in Virtual Learning at home explored a special profession, and we’re so proud of our students for their effort in learning about their hidden interests!

Virtual Programming Coordinators Patrice Carroll, Brittni Kliment, and Katrina Fryklund sent daily thirty-minute lessons starting with Creating a Workspace and ending with Mock Interviews. Offering regular check-ins, students were encouraged to ask for feedback and give one another updates. Katrina said the assignment offered a unique opportunity to our students learning from home, as it allowed for independent work including research, communication, and writing. “First, students created a workspace that was appropriate for their learning style. Then, they were asked to explore personal interests and skills. After that, they researched professions that fall in line with the first assignment. Before we knew it, the kiddos were off and running, making resumes, looking in their closets for appropriate attire, and doing mock interviews with family members,” Katrina noted.


Pictured: A few images from Nicholas’ project. (He was recently awarded “Virtual Learner of the Month”).  Thank you to Nicholas and his mother for allowing us to share his project!


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