Latham Virtual Education Awards: Recognizing Nicholas (student) and Matthew (teacher)



Latham Centers’ exploration of Virtual Learning has taught us much. We’ve investigated the best ways to use technology ranging from annotation tools to virtual whiteboards; we’ve learned the best way to communicate with families, friends, and staff; and most of all, we’ve discovered amazing strengths within our students and teachers.

When selecting our first Virtual Learner of the Month awardee, the decision was unanimous. Nicholas (Nick) has impressed all staffers involved in virtual learning with the way that he’s become more comfortable in front of the camera, and his vast knowledge in different subjects. In math he helps students determine how he came to the correct answer, in performing arts he sings for the students, and in Spanish he is the first to participate.

Carlyn S., Clinician, wrote about one session: “I just want to say how awesome Nick’s participation was in virtual learning today! He had wonderful, insightful suggestions, he was patient and polite, he was ON SCREEN and CLOSE UP the whole time, and his goodbye sign-off couldn’t have been better. He has grown so much in the last few weeks and I am so proud of him 😊.”

After hearing about Nicholas’s win, his mother wrote, “We are still overwhelmed by your gracious recognition of Nicholas on Friday for Virtual Student of the Month for April. We’re seeing how this can be challenging as a new way to learn and we can’t express how much your support of Nicholas and also of us means. The way that you work with each kid as a unique person really does shine through. The way you care and personalize your approach is very evident. We see how you adapt lessons to certain interests and how you try to draw the kids in on-screen. You have all done an amazing job and continue to keep that bar high during these challenging times.”

We would also like to recognize our Virtual Learning Teacher of the Month, Matthew O’Sullivan! This award decision was also unanimous. From day one of Virtual Learning, his excitement was evident. He was ready for the challenge and has innovatively learned new tools that have created a virtual classroom in which the students remain focused and eager. His award states, “This certificate is awarded in recognition of Matt’s seamless transition onto the Virtual Learning platform and his ability to continuously keep all students engaged.”

Congratulations to Nicholas and Matthew! These awards are well deserved!


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