Recognizing our Direct Support Professionals (Part 2—Adult Services)

This week – September 13-19, 2020 – is Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week in Massachusetts! We join our colleagues throughout the Commonwealth in recognizing and celebrating our Direct Support Professionals. Latham Centers sincerely appreciates every member of our direct care staff! Their work supporting children and adults with complex special needs is exceptional!  

Latham’s Adult Services Program Assistant Director Ben Mundy shared these words of gratitude for our Adult Services team:

“One of my favorite quotes is from our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, who once said, ‘Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is a chance to work hard at work worth doing.’  In my experience, there are few tasks more worthwhile than the work we do here in Adult Services at Latham Centers.  A large part of that value is the relationships that we build with the individuals.  No less important, though, are the relationships we build with our colleagues in this effort.

During this time of focused appreciation, the toughest challenge is naming all the people and reasons to be grateful. Each Direct Service Professional in the Adult Program is exemplary in their skill, patience, and commitment. During the best of times, this job requires uncommon strength and compassion. These have not been the best of times. During these past 7 months, you have stepped up in ways that we could never have anticipated would be necessary. Regardless of the task, you have stood in the gap. You have supported the individuals and each other through all the peaks and valleys of this pandemic. I’ve had many occasions to speak with Gina Sheehan (Director of Adult Services) about the amazing people who make up this team.  She repeatedly tells me, “There is quite literally no team that I would rather do this work with!  This is an incredible group of people!”  I could not agree with her more. 

In the words of Voltair, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”   Thank you for lending your excellence to us.  We are all better for it.”   ~Ben

…In case you missed it (“ICYMI”), yesterday’s blog post saluted our Children’s Services Program staff.

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