Principal’s Corner!

January 26, 2015

We are winding down here at the school house with all our Alternative Testing Portfolios! Teachers have been doing a fabulous job over the last few months creating invigorating curriculum to mirror the standards contained in the Alternative Testing. While the administration and teachers could consider ourselves well-rounded in the Massachusetts Alt. Assessment, this year we had the opportunity to better educate ourselves in other states’ alternative assessments! Our teachers attended training in Long Island, New York in October of 2014 to prepare for the NY Alt. Two teachers and I became experts on the Virginia Alternate Assessment Program by reviewing materials sent to use by the school district.

Aidan is currently working on finishing his New York Alt. In science, his classroom has been busy learning about the states of matter and cause/effect relationships in weather. In math he is mastering how to solve for a variable at the end of a linear equation!

Brennan is currently working on finishing his Virginia Alternate Assessment Program! In reading, Brennan is focusing on demonstrating comprehension of both fictional and nonfictional texts. In math, Brennan is demonstrating his knowledge of expressions and operations, as well as equations and inequalities.

Teachers and students have been working very hard and will be submitting their student’s work in the next few months for review. Our students are proud of the work they have completed and look forward to showing off their portfolio!

Great job to our students Aidan and Brennan, and kudos to our amazing teachers, Jeff, Suzanne, Heather, and Alanna!

Kara McDowell
Assistant Principal

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