Principal’s Corner: The Circle of Growing Continues


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If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve heard about the Agway Herb Garden and our Circle of Growing Program and have seen some photos of our students and adults participating in a variety of horticultural activities. It has become an important initiative in the Children’s program as students now work in both the Agway Herb Garden and the Culinary (Mint) Garden. Students have learned everything from plant varieties, to weeding, to drying herbs for our Soap Line.  Additionally, adults have participated by way of the Adult Produce Garden, as well as volunteer and paid positions at local Garden Centers.
These pictures depict students winterizing the garden, and measuring the lengths. Despite the chilly weather, we can still utilize these amazing spaces in lessons like math and science. This cross-departmental learning opportunity has proven successful on many accounts, and we look forward to the continuation and expansion of the Circle of Growing!

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