Latham’s miniature therapy donkeys celebrate Esther & Esau’s 1st Anniversary

Next month, our beloved miniature therapy donkeys, Esther and Esau, will celebrate their first wedding anniversary! (On May 11, 2019, we joined with Latham friends new and old to witness Esther and Esau saying “I do” at Taylor-Bray Farm in Yarmouth Port). As you may know, our Dance for Donkeys first anniversary fundraising event scheduled for this weekend was postponed. So as we all do our part to “Stay at Home and Stop the Spread,” we invite you to share in some of the excitement surrounding their upcoming anniversary and celebrate with us in spirit!

Back at the barn, Moonbeam, Curley, Angus, and Jake, the other four miniature donkeys who are part of Latham’s Asinotherapy (donkey therapy) program, are busy making sure that Esther and Esau’s special day won’t go unnoticed.

Like many Americans, Moonbeam and Curley have taken advantage of this time in quarantine to explore new hobbies and learn new skills. Encouraged by our Donkey Trainer Kris Thompson and the adult residents in our Asinotherapy program, the Latham donkeys have learned to paint! Moonbeam and Curley painted Esther and Esau beautiful anniversary pictures to help them celebrate. Moonbeam even donned one of the Parisian berets Esther and Esau brought back from their romantic “honeymoon” in Paris.

When asked about his artistic inspiration, Moonbeam said, “When Esther and Esau got back from their honeymoon, they described the beauty of the Parisian skies as a mix of the most beautiful ocean blue, combined with the soft pink glow of the setting sun. I wanted to capture that memory for them.” Curley added, “I used bold colors to represent the enormous cultural richness of the Parisian art world, combined with brush strokes designed to mirror the architectural style of the Eiffel Tower – one of Esther and Esau’s favorite stops on their trip.”

About our postponed fundraiser: When we are safely on the other side of the public health crisis, we will update you on the new date for our Dance for Donkeys celebration. Please consider supporting Latham’s Asinotherapy Program, Donkeys-for- Good, with an anniversary gift in honor of Esther and Esau. Funds raised will help to cover the cost of the care, feeding, and veterinary care of our six miniature therapeutic donkeys. To make an online donation, please click here.

We are also gathering well-wishes from the community for the happy couple – we invite you to email anniversary wishes, drawings, or photos to Diana Morgan (Development Associate, Special Events) at

So many of you – donors, sponsors, Latham families, friends, and staff members – have contributed your support and enthusiasm to our innovative Donkeys-For-Good program. On behalf of the residents at Latham Centers for whom our donkey therapy program means so much, thank you! We cannot wait to re-launch the planning of our Dance for Donkeys event. Until then, stay safe and healthy!


Pictured: Moonbeam and Curley, two of Latham’s miniature therapy donkeys, paint pictures for Esther and Esau’s 1st Anniversary.

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