Donkeys-For-Good: A perfect day for our magnificent Donkey Wedding

The sunshine and mild temperatures at Saturday’s Donkey Wedding were uplifting, but it was our Latham program participants who made this momentous event a day to cherish. Our appreciation for everyone involved in the Asinotherapy (donkey therapy) fundraiser will fill our regular Donkeys-For-Good blog series for weeks to come, but today we share a glimpse of some of the special moments from last weekend’s phenomenal day at Taylor-Bray Farm in Yarmouth Port.

Latham Centers’ miniature donkeys Esther and Esau really did “get hitched!”  The donkeys were attended to by Asinotherapy Program graduates Christina C. and Brittany M., along with donkey trainer Kris Thompson, assisted by Robert Thompson. Dressed in their wedding finery (veil from Sposabella Bridal, top hat from The Cape Cod Tux), the donkeys patiently waited to be declared “donkey and jennie” by officiant Anne McManus, Latham President. “In my tenure as CEO of Latham Centers, I have been asked to wear many hats, but I never imagined I would be asked to officiate the marriage of two donkeys,” she said.

Wedding guests and volunteers expressed a range of emotions as everything came together beautifully in what felt like a dream Cape Cod bayside wedding. The words of our donkey caregivers and the performance of the Latham Players to the song “’Till There Was You” illustrated the impact of Latham’s programs. Brittany and Christina offered testimonials and best wishes for the happy couple. Brittany said, “I am so happy to be here, and I wish them a very happy life together.”  Christina said, “I have been working with the donkeys for nine years. It is a lot of responsibility, and I am proud of myself for handling it.”

Throughout the ceremony and reception, all 200+ attendees marveled at these gentle, beloved creatures who gave us a reason to celebrate independence, generosity, belonging, and mastery at Latham Centers. Our caring community came together in this stunning setting to support Latham’s life-changing mission.

Pictured: Several of our favorite wedding ceremony shots by Denise Pressman of Fleeting Moments Photography.  One special member of the wedding party from the community was flower girl “Mocha Bunny,” a rescue from the Animal Rescue League of Boston – Brewster Branch, accompanied by Denise Fritschy, “The Bunny Whisperer” and ARL volunteer.

Still to come:  Weekly blogs featuring reflections, appreciation, and more photos from our Donkeys-For-Good fundraiser.

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