Latham School celebrates Brandon’s graduation


Our Latham School community celebrated student Brandon’s graduation last week. In her Friday “Tip of the Week”, Patrice Carroll shared an excerpt of her words honoring Brandon’s accomplishments. The full text of her wonderful send-off follows:

Brandon, when we first met, you were a boy who struggled with so many parts of your life.  Now you are a man who has it all figured out! You have worked so hard at learning – learning in school and learning about yourself. You have become a role model to other students because you were once where they are now. You have taught them that growth is possible and success is determined by hard work. And you have worked hard! You are about to start a new chapter in your life and I could not be prouder of the man that you have become. I know that you are proud of yourself, your mom and sisters are proud, and I know that your dad is so proud of you. You are leaving here stronger, smarter, calmer, and in control of your life. Good luck, Brandon, you have worked hard and you deserve this!  


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