Hear Latham’s new School Song on our Virtual Tour webpage

Latham Centers’ Admissions and Marketing Team loves to host tours for parents, guardians, and friends. As COVID precautions became the new normal, our team devised a safe way to give tours without bringing visitors to campus. We’re excited to share the new Virtual Tour page on LathamCenters.org

The team created videos describing different parts of campus, podcasts highlighting students at Latham Centers, and a video of the new School Song. Join Katrina Fryklund and Ashley Pouliot as they tour you through campus in nine different videos. Learn from the students about a typical “Day in the Life” by watching the six-minute video. Scroll through still photos, and listen to our PWS University podcasts.

Don’t miss the School Song! Written by the students in a Summer Club with Katrina, Patrice Carroll, and Chelsea Crowe, the lyrics focus on hope and belonging. The students wrote, “Latham is a place, where we all belong, where we can be ourselves, and we get along… You’ve just got to keep thinking of the things you’ve learned, and all the special things you’ve earned.” With a smile, Joselyn ends the video with, “Latham’s got your back…even when you get off track…”  Katrina explained that this class production involved multiple steps. “We are so impressed with the students at Latham. For weeks they wrote and rehearsed lyrics until finally, the recording days came. Patching this video together was one of my proudest moments at Latham Centers because the final product truly shows how caring, kind, and creative our students are.”

If you have any questions about the Virtual Tour Videos, please contact Katrina at kfryklund@lathamcenters.org.  



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