“A Day in the Life”

Latham’s video for students, by students

Welcome to Latham Centers' Virtual Tour!

Join Katrina Fryklund and Ashley Pouliot, Admissions Team, for a virtual tour of Latham Centers. Step inside the classrooms, venture through a suite and learn about life at Latham Centers clip-by-clip.

Hear from our students by clicking on the below podcasts, where they tell you all about their lives at Latham Centers on the PWS University Podcast.

If you would like to learn more about Latham Centers and the admissions process, please contact admissions@lathamcenters.org or 774.353.9237.

Campus Orientation & Field

Visitors Reception

Nursing & Health Services

Student Bedroom - Single

Student Residential Suite

Vocational Room & Latham Works

Latham Centers School Song

By Latham Students and Chelsea Crowe
Composed by Latham Students, Patrice Carroll, Chelsea Crowe, and Katrina Fryklund

Student Podcasts