Fun Fitness at Latham Centers with Personal Trainer, Jamie Hoffman

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Beads of sweat rolled down the smiling faces of our residents as they participated in a workout circuit last night at the Great Hill Residential Home. Jamie Hoffman, co-owner, and personal trainer of Fitness Revolution in Orleans, visited Latham Centers for the fourth time from 5:30-6:30 pm. Jamie and our residents have enjoyed working with one another immensely, and this time Jamie created a full circuit of 16 exercises (plus alternative exercises) to be utilized by or residents and staff throughout the year.
Jamie and staff were impressed by our residents’ stamina and attention throughout the process. Beginning with a half-hour tutorial of the different exercises and ending with stretches, the residents were captivated by Jamie’s enthusiasm and support. Jamie encouraged our residents to push themselves to the best of their ability, but to take breaks as necessary. Below, we list 16 exercises, or “stations”, of the circuit.
1.       Stationary Bike
2.       Plank
3.       Stationary Bike
4.       Crunches
5.       Treadmill
6.       Bicep Curl
7.       Butt Kicks
8.       Squats
9.       Push Ups
10.   Lunges
11.   Shoulder Press
12.   Hamstring Curls with Balance Ball
13.   Bicycles
14.   High Knees
15.   Side Raises
16.   Jumping Jacks
Lindsey Howard, Director of Nursing for the Adult Program, will be working the exercise routine into her regular Zumba Tuesdays! Thank you to, Jamie, Fitness Revolution, and to all of our community partners and grantors for supporting this important initiative.

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