Exercise in the Adult Program: Fitness Trainer Jamie Hoffman comes to Latham Centers


Latham Centers’ Adult Residents learning new exercises to work on in pairs (Jamie Hoffman pictured on left)

Jamie Hoffman, co-owner and Trainer at Fitness Revolution in Orleans joined forces with Latham Centers’ staff to lead a class of 18 Adult Residents entitled “Staying in Shape.” It is of the utmost importance that both the students and adult residents at Latham Centers are given the opportunities and tools to stay fit throughout the year, regardless of poor weather or inaccessibility to gym equipment. Jamie came to Latham Centers’ Sandwich home eager to instruct residents on exercises that they can work on independently or in pairs, which will continue to help each individual maintain a healthy weight as he or she ages.
He focused on aerobic activities that use exercise bands, and selected bands with different strengths depending on each individual’s capability. Manager of Nursing in Adult Services, Lindsey Howard, also was in attendance and lent a helping hand. Overall the activity was enjoyed by the Latham residents, our visitor, and Latham Staff. It is rewarding to see such an engaged group of adult residents, many of whom have battled issues with Prader-Willi Syndrome for the duration of their life. By providing them with exercise bands to take back home with them, each resident is now set up with new information about staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!
Thank you to Fitness Revolution, Jamie Hoffman, and to all the staff who participated in this activity. Also a huge thank you to CHNA and Cape Cod Foundation. This program is part of a larger grant in which adults are afforded the opportunity, through Positive Behavioral Support Plans, to make improvements in their lives in the categories of Physical Fitness and Staying in Shape, Smoking Cessation, Style and Wellness, and Healthy Eating. This was the first of a larger series in which Latham Centers, Community Connections, and ARC of Cape Cod will be working with community businesses to encourage the individuals within these programs to improve upon their daily routines and to help manage a healthier lifestyle.


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