Celebrating Black History Month on Campus: Learning about our Heroes

A screenshot from the Epic Reading Site, the online platform we use for reading over Zoom.

The numbers on the image identify how to draw the racket, step-by-step.

Throughout Black History Month, the students and employees of Latham look forward to different opportunities to learn about our heroes! To kick off February, the Admissions and Outreach team brought their virtual drawing and reading ‘classes’ to the Latham community on Monday, February 6th. These virtual opportunities utilize Zoom and mirror the weekly classes hosted by our Admissions and Outreach team (geared towards our online community of individuals between the ages of 8-22 with Prader-Willi syndrome.) Please click here to see some of the Virtual/Online Student Art Shows showcasing this style of “class. 

First, the students learned about Jackie Robinson and Serena and Venus Williams. They read three books about the incredible athletes, and learned how to draw a tennis racket. The students were challenged to draw a tennis ball in the remaining time of class; all the instructors were truly impressed with their interest in the content and artistic skills!

The students and staff at Latham Centers look forward to learning more about some incredible people in history which include the following. Stay tuned to our blog and socials to see some of the amazing artwork created by Latham artists.

Black Americans in the Military

      • 369th infantry- The Harlem Hellraisers

      • Tuskegee Airmen

      • Drawing: A Propeller Plane

Black Americans in Science

      • George Washington Carver

      • Mae Carol Jemison

      • Drawing: A Rocket Ship!

Black Americans in the Arts

      • Maya Angelou

      • Jean-Michel Basquiat

      • Drawing: An Open Book

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