Bass River students take field trip to Taylor-Bray Farm


Latham School’s Bass River classroom visited Taylor-Bray Farm in Yarmouth Port on October 18th. It was a nice sunny brisk day – just look at those happy faces that got to enjoy a day off from schoolwork but still learn all about the farm animals.  Fun facts and photo captions:

Amazing Facts About the Yak

  • Most yaks are domesticated, although there is also a small, vulnerable wild yak population.

  • Yaks are herd animals. Herds can contain several hundred individuals, although they are often much smaller.

  • The herds consist primarily of females and their young, with a smaller number of adult males.

  • A great deal of their time is spent grazing on mountain plains, eating grass, herbs, and wildflowers.


The students had fun feeding grain to the goats!


What do you call a goat that swims really fast?

“A motor goat”.


Five Surprising Facts about Chickens

  • Hens communicate with their chicks while they’re still inside their eggs! …

  • Chickens have a great memory for faces! …

  • Chickens are actually omnivores, not herbivores. …

  • Some research suggests that chickens are just as clever as human toddlers. …

  • Chickens tend to their eggs carefully.

Students really got a kick out of the chickens!

One pound of wool can make up to 10 miles of yarn. A sheep, depending on the breed, can produce between two and 30 pounds of wool a year, so do the math.

~ Submitted by Tiffany Tuccillo

Editor’s Note: Taylor-Bray Farm is a favorite spot for so many of us at Latham. We have fond memories of our Donkey Wedding fundraiser held there in 2019 (Donkeys-For-Good: A perfect day for our magnificent Donkey Wedding – Latham Centers).  We encourage you to go visit this special place on the bay side of Yarmouth, off Route 6A.  “Open dawn to dusk.”

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