An uplifting and heartfelt #LathamStrong Celebration

In our “#LathamStrong Celebration” last week, more than 75 people came together over Zoom to celebrate Latham Centers’ growth and progress in this extraordinary year – and to pay special tribute to our staff. Organized by the Children’s Program Director Team, the event marked one year to the day when staff secured campus and implemented COVID safety plans in to keep our community safe.

“The spirit on March 15, 2021 was palpably different than March 15, 2020 – staff were proud and beaming, students were smiling and laughing, parents and guardians were looking on through Zoom screens, and there was an overall sense of security and happiness,” noted Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach.

To celebrate the past year and congratulate the staff and students on their achievements, the team of directors created an hour-long presentation with a photo slideshow, dedications with background music, and congratulatory videos from parents and students, as well as the Governor and First Lady of Massachusetts, Charlie and Lauren Baker.

There were tears of joy, laughs, and amazingly moving words spoken:

“The celebration for the entire Latham (Children’s) community was amazing beyond belief! It really brought to the forefront everything that we made it through over this past year!” ~ Latham staff member

“[We] would like to thank the staff at Latham for all the hard work they do, especially during the pandemic. Words can’t even begin to describe how grateful our family has been for Latham staff. You have not only created a safe and nurturing environment for [our daughter] to thrive in, but also provided [her] the emotional support and love that we as parents aren’t able to do from a distance. [She] is the happiest and most well-adjusted she has ever been. You allowed for [her] to feel this way through your hard work, dedication, and compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Latham parents

“This year was really difficult, but in true LathamStrong fashion, we focused on the positives. For this celebration, we came together as a team to recognize both the hardships and successes that our staff and students faced over the past year.” ~ Director on the celebration planning committee

Don’t miss the wonderful messages of thanks in this two minute “LathamStrong” video clip: LathamStrong Video – March 2021 – YouTube 

In case you missed the Adult Services Team’s Staff Appreciation post on March 16th: Adult Services honors ‘stronger-than-ever’ team – Latham Centers

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