Adult Services honors ‘stronger-than-ever’ team

We’re taking staff appreciation to new heights this month – not only in celebration of National Employee Appreciation Day (the first Friday of March) – but also in honor of Latham staffers’ unparalleled dedication this past year. The first group to be honored is our Adult Program. Gina Sheehan, Director of Adult Services, wrote to her colleagues in a heartfelt message of appreciation:

“Since last March, your lives – inside and outside of work – have been impacted. Everything changed, and you’ve done nothing but adapt and continue to provide excellent and dedicated care to the individuals in the Adult Program. Your dedicated service and creative program innovations to keep everyone happy and healthy are inspiring. On top of COVID, over the past year, the adult program embarked on opening two new houses, moved out of two program locations, and completed a series of four major moves. These tasks seemed insurmountable alone. They were completed because of the support you have provided the individuals and the programs over this long twelve months.

We are still here and stronger than ever. The pandemic has afforded us the opportunity to increase communication via technology and “get with the times” allowing for remote services and virtual programming. Latham has the most dedicated group of employees and COVID has made that abundantly clear. Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day looks different because of COVID. Today it can’t be a party or a gathering. We can’t all go out and celebrate like in the past at a holiday party. It looks different, but what remains true: the staff here deserve the world for keeping this Latham world turning. Thank you again, and please take some time to read about yourselves and your co-workers in the staff recognitions below.”

From: Adult Services Managers, as well as Gina, Ben, Scheduling, and Kathy V

Jamie G: Jamie has been so incredibly generous with her time and talents. She has brightened days and quite literally improved self-esteem throughout the program by offering her services! Jamie has also enriched the programing for the Hazelmoor guys with art projects/painting.

Andrew H: Andy brings a positive motivating energy to Hazelmoor. Encouraging the guys to be active through walks and finding things they enjoy to build relationships and brighten their days.

Sam Mac: Sam’s calm and consistent presence in the house has allowed the individuals to feel safe and cared for.  His humor, interpersonal skills, and commitment have been deeply appreciated by his peers and the residents. Sam pitches in past his required duties often, from paperwork to extra shifts, and it is greatly appreciated.

Janaina B: Janaina has been a solid go-to staff member since she first came to Latham.  She seems to always have a smile on her face and a willingness to go above and beyond.  Her confidence and selflessness make her an incredible team member. Janaina = compassion, excellence.

Patricia P: Patricia has jumped right in from the start. She has naturally and positively slid right into routines, keeping things consistent for the residents. She has already started building great relationships with the Haz guys, helping them to complete their daily routines.

Amanda P: Amanda consistently puts her all into her shifts, coming up with ideas for activities, encouraging the guys to achieve their best, and showing that she genuinely cares for them.

Greg S: Consistent and unflappable are two words that come to mind when one thinks of him. Greg handles difficult situations calmly and professionally.  In a time of such uncertainty, Greg’s presence has provided a sense of safety for the residents; they know what to expect when Greg is on shift and that kind of consistency is comforting for the Haz guys.

Courtney S: Courtney is hardworking and kind. She has an understanding/caring approach and often can verbally de-escalate situations helping the Haz guys to stay safe.

Bill B: Bill always has a smile on his face.  He always wants to be a team player and to do the right thing for the individuals.  Bill is the type of person who makes every interaction enjoyable!

Deliysha C: Deliysha has not been part of the program for very long, but she has stepped in quickly and done an amazing job of learning the individuals and their routines.  She works hard to help in any way that she can and has proven more than up to the task!

Steve K: It is hard to know where to start with Steve.  He is an institution here at Latham.  He has been such a consistent and reliable presence for the ladies in his care.  Walking into the house, sometimes feels like you’ve walked into a tv show with Steve as the main character.  I know that Steve is valued by his peers for the various roles that he plays, and he is valued by his manager for all the help that he provides.

Sherry K: SHERRY HAS BEEN WITH LATHAM FOR 26 YEARS THIS MONTH!! What?? Enough said!! 😊 Where has the time gone?? She has worn many hats here and has filled each role with enthusiasm, knowledge, and caring for the individuals she supports.

Kristen P: “A Rock”.  That’s how I typically hear people refer to Kristen.  She works hard every shift to make sure the individuals have a safe and predictable shift.  She is a dependable anchor for any shift she works.

Lisa S: Her calmness is contagious, and the gentlemen at TM are so lucky to have her. Whatever she is doing, she gives it her all and 100% advocates for the guys!!

Amy S: Amy has been at Latham long time in so many roles and programs! Amy is so kind and patient. She is bubbly and fun to be around. The ladies cherish their time with Amy; she makes everyone feel like a superstar! Amy is calm in crisis situations, she is a great teacher, and she has been a role model to me over these years.

Cynthia V:  Cynthia comes to Latham with not a lot of experience working with individuals with disabilities, but she jumped right in. On the first day of her orientation shadowing, she talked about playing music and dancing with the ladies of RPR. She has a great positive attitude!

Bob V:  Bob was here when Latham first opened its doors – or at least it seems that way!  He’s seen it all, seen some calm, and weathered the storms. Through it all, he offers his experience and his commitment to the welfare of the individuals.  The thing that I appreciate the most is his willingness to be honest with his feedback.

Jeff W: Jeffery is a quiet force! He’s calm, reserved, and non-reactive, but he gets the job done. He shows through his actions that he is there to support the individuals and goes the extra mile to help when needed.

Cam D: Cam is a quiet, steady and helpful presence on the awake overnight. One of the individuals won’t go to bed until she arrives for her shift!

Diane J: Diane is funny, reliable, and a master in the kitchen. She will go above and beyond for her co-workers and her team. She makes me laugh! She’s always taking care of us, and keeps us  on our toes.

Nancy M: Nancy brings joy and music to the shift. She leads quietly and runs a tight ship, and everyone feels cared for! She is always there for anything we need. Excellent help with shopping and longtime employee!

Ted P: Ted is a great teacher. He is full of wisdom, great ideas. He always shows up for us and never lets us down. A dedicated and hard worker for over 25 years! Thank you for you calm presence, dedication, and the mind eraser.

Ray P: Ray is reliable, dedicated, and excellent in the kitchen. Ray cares about the high quality of life of each resident.

Kim P: Kim, you bring peacefulness and calm. You take such great care the individuals and a specific resident and her needs. You make us smile.  🙂

Sam St. J: Sam has brought lots of fun to Great Neck! Full of projects and organization, I just see beautiful colors and cozy beds when I think of you.

Pam S: Pam has energy that never stops! She is always trying to make the day better and successful for all. She has great attention to detail with the care she provides.

Kevin S: So funny, I’m still laughing thinking of the Christmas Tree glitter. Thank you for joining our team at Great Neck – you are a wonderful addition and a natural, with positive ideas and loads of help to offer.

Mindy U: Sparkly and funny! Thank you for being your true self and bringing humor and music to Great Neck and so many other Latham events. You have brought the holiday festivities and are so helpful to me with all the “STUFF”!

Debra A: Previous Morgan award winner, Deb is exactly that, an employee who has given exceptional service to the individuals at PC. Whether it’s finding jobs or interests and community events, Deb is always thinking of creative ways to help PC remain actively involved in their community and working toward their goals.

Felicia C: Felicia is always flexible and willing to work anywhere that needs help.

Tina M: Tina is a skilled artist and does the most amazing crafts and activities with the individuals. Thank you for helping the individuals express themselves and helping the decorate PC with beautiful artwork.

Kat S: Kat is an amazing cook and her meals are always hot and delicious! Kat makes Peter Cooper feel like HOME!

Jenn TS: Thorough and dependable. JTS is always thinking and striving to make the PC ship sail smoothly. She is always so kind and caring and brings herself to work, creating awesome and thoughtful handmade gifts for the individuals.

Tiffany B: Tiffany has been a rock for the Plymouth house overnights. Making things a little easier for her coworkers by prepping meals ahead of time. She has been willing to be flexible with her hours, often starting early and staying late. She is very much appreciated here.

Bethany F: Bethany wears all the hats of a residential counselor. She is a friend, support, and confidant to the individuals. She creates a safe space for the individuals to be themselves and create goals and aspirations for the future. She brings her whole self to the Plymouth house and motivates the individuals to use the community with confidence. She always has a plan to make the day fun and works very hard to set the individuals up for success. She is versatile and uses her skills, personality, and experience in times of crisis.

Heather M: Cheerful and brightens up any room even when she has been awake all night! She makes work fun and she is thorough and helpful in everything she does to help the Plymouth house and the next shift coming on!

Alan M: Alan knows the individuals well and works very hard to ensure their individual personalities, interests and goals are represented in their daily lives. He helps them see the future and work toward meaningful goals.

Monique O: Monique cares tremendously for the individuals she works with. She is always looking to help out when she can, and actively work with the team to better the lives of all individuals.

Toni P: Toni works hard to support the individuals at not just the Plymouth residence, but at several locations throughout adult services. She puts a lot of effort into ensuring the individuals are well taken care of and goes above and beyond to give them the best quality of life possible.

Tonya C: Tonya’s positivity, outgoingness, kind heart, and calm demeanor have been recognized by both residents and staff. She’s always a smiling face when you walk in the door!

Tim G: Tim you rock. You have been so helpful in a pinch and we can always depend on you. From a RR individual, “He is a really great Latham staff because he helped me to set up my new video game that I got for Christmas.”

Mary Katherine: MK we are so lucky to have you at Latham. You walk into a house and the individuals are excited because of your calm demeanor, outlook, and consistency.

Lee: Lee is new to the Symphony team, she has assimilated well, is well liked by the ladies which in and of itself is something. She has longevity and experience and shares her knowledge.

Dyan H: Dyan just celebrated her 39th year here at Latham Centers. She is the longest AS staff. She has been with the Symphony ladies for a very long time and has a unique understanding of their needs. Dyan deserves a gold watch for her longevity.  : )

Peter R: Peter has taken to the role of Case Manager head on, his abilities with figures is outstanding. Peter has also embraced Pea Pod ordering which seems to come naturally.

Gail S: Gail is kind, patient, and has longevity with the Symphony ladies – she has been with Latham for about 8 years. She has a special relationship with the ladies, she can keep things running smoothly and safely. She has the patience of a saint and has built a safe, trusting relationship with every one of them as individuals.

Joanna S: Joanna has been with Latham for about 28 years, she has a keen sense of the ladies’ needs and can keep things running smoothly and safely.

Jan C: Jan works everywhere. She is there in a pinch and covers many shifts to help keep the individuals safe and supervised. You can tell she is passionate about teaching when she works and always works hard to help the individuals get through the day successfully.

Sue C: Sue is incredible, I don’t know what the ladies at GH would do without her. She works incredibly hard and always with a smile on her face. Sue brightens the day when she comes in for her shift.

Theresa D: Theresa has contagious energy and seems to never stop going! She is a strong advocate for the ladies and knows them so well. She makes them feel heard and comfortable in their home.

Mike F: Mike is thoughtful and always takes a minute to check in to see how anyone is doing. He has a wealth of knowledge and is a great presenter. Mike was the perfect Santa Claus at the Latham Holiday Party and can’t wait for covid to be over so he can do it again!

Arrison J: Arrison just started at Latham in February. What struck me about him was his calm demeanor, his total interest in learning about his job, and his laugh!! Yes, his laugh is infectious. He has been upbeat and willing to learn as much as he can, and always does it with a huge smile!

Maeve M: Maeve is kind, caring and fair. She is the best listener and makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. She makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the room. She asks the best most thoughtful questions at the staff meeting. Her experience and personality make her a role model for all.

Kris T: There is so much to say about Kris. The donkeys and the ladies at GH would not be the same without her. She provides such consistent and dedicated care to the barn and professionalizes the donkey care job. We appreciate Kris so much and how much she gives to the donkeys and Latham. Thank you for taking care of our friends.

Matt D: Matt enjoys the time he spends with the RR gents and they enjoy their time with him. He makes CM fun!

Brett L: Brett’s patience and understanding working with our individuals is heartwarming to see. He thoroughly enjoys the time he spends with our individuals.

Pat M: You are a calming influence on the guys at RR. How you handled a crisis was perfection; your calm during intense situations makes the guys at RR feel safe. Thank you, Pat!

Chris R: Your ability to figure out an individual’s video games in the house is amazing. I know he appreciates the time you spend with him.

Doug R: Doug is an incredibly consistent presence for the guys at RR. His sense of humor and understanding presence help the individuals feel at ease. From an individual: “Doug is a really great human rights officer to have around.”

Anne B: Anne is the newest addition to the Setucket team and a very welcome one!  Anne is patient and compassionate.  She ensures the ladies have opportunities for outings and finding new places to explore each week.  Thank you, Anne.

Jess C: We are so happy Jess moved to Adult Services.  She is bright and cheery, a good listener, and a whiz with electronics for which I am very grateful!  🙂

Tanisha G: Tanisha has been with Latham nearly 27 years!  She has boundless energy and is a master organizer.  Tanisha is self-less in everything she does.  Thank you, Tanisha.

Karen L: Karen has been with Latham nearly 20 years!  She is always up for a game of pool, SkipBo or Sorry with the Setucket ladies.  Karen’s exuberance is contagious!  🙂

Chrissy M: Chrissy’s effervescent personality lights up Setucket. She knows the ladies well and is attuned to their needs. Her candor is refreshing!  Thank you, Chrissy.

Shirley M: Shirley, thank you for EVERYTHING you do!  Appointments, grocery shopping, van maintenance, to name a few.  You keep us going!  🙂

Sarah W: Sarah holds down the fort at Setucket for the entire weekend.  Pre-Covid she was a regular at bowling on Saturday’s.  Sarah is also very patient. 🙂

Therese G: Therese is our angel.  She floated into a job fair at the Fire Museum and I am so grateful that she did.  She is loved by her peers and the individuals that she cares for equally! We love our Latham Nursing Department!

Lani K: Lani is the heart of the nursing department.  She knows each individual and provides for their medical needs as if they were her own family.  She works tirelessly and we are grateful that she is a part of our team!

Jac M: Jack has been a breath of fresh air to the Nursing Department!  She has become fearless in asking questions and advocating to make sure that the individuals get the care that they deserve.  She picks up shifts and her flexibility is admirable! Thank you for being part of the Nursing Team!

Orione B: Orione keeps the ship floating at Weir on the weekends with ease. She has built a good relationship with all of the men. She will pitch in when shifts unexpectedly become open.

Alanna C: Alanna works at Weir, and MANY MANY OTHER locations. She is flexible and versatile. She has longevity with Latham across both programs!

Ron E: Ron has been a long-term Latham employee; he has been instrumental in ensuring the house has all the supplies it needs to operate safely.  He has been a great help.

Kristen F: She is a long-term Latham employee who comes with many years of experience and has a unique ability to keep the house at baseline.  She works many extra shifts at different locations and ensures all general duties are completed, keeping other houses at baseline as well.

Nick P: Nick has been a rock for Weir. He has continued with Case Management to meet the needs of the gentlemen. He is willing to alter his schedules to assist in staffing other homes as well.

To our incredibly impressive Adult Services Team, WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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