2022 Student T-Shirt Design Contest results announced

Our annual Student T-Shirt Design Contest is legendary here at Latham. Katrina Kozak, Director of National Outreach, said this year’s contest entries “blew staff away!” Katrina shared highlights of the tradition that has been led by Clinician Beth Conway for many years:

“Annually, our students are given the opportunity to submit an entry for the Student T-Shirt Design Contest. The contest is a multi-step process in which the kiddos learn the guidelines, design the entry, select a two-tone color scheme, vote using an online platform, and finally receive one of the printed shirts!

Beth runs the contest and often takes the winner to Windscreens in Orleans to screenprint the shirts. Brittni Kliment, Director of Program Marketing and Admissions, said that Beth goes above and beyond her duties as a clinician each year to ensure the students are recognized for their artwork. “She allows the students to be creative and gives them a boost of confidence when they see their peers and staff wearing the t-shirt on campus.”

This year’s contest winner, Annabell, said it best: “My Latham community is my family and my safest home!!!” CONGRATULATIONS, ANNABELL!”

We also want to recognize other students whose hand-drawn designs received many votes:

· 1st runner up 3-way tie Sequoia, Matthew, and Logan

· 2nd runner up tie Kassandra and Sean

· 3rd runner up Scarlett and Ryan

· Honorable Mentions Emile and Luke

The above entries received many votes from the staff and students at Latham Centers

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