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Welcome to Latham Centers

Virtual Tour!

Join Katrina Fryklund and Ashley Pouliot, Admissions Team, for a virtual tour of Latham Centers. Step inside the classrooms, venture through a suite and learn about life at Latham Centers clip-by-clip.

Hear from our students by clicking on the below podcasts, where they tell you all about their lives at Latham Centers on the PWS University Podcast.

Campus Orientation & Field

Visitors Reception

Nursing & Health Services

Student Bedroom - Single

Student Residential Suite

Vocational Room & Latham Works

Latham School Song

Let the Learning Begin!

Latham Centers' Children's Program offers educational, vocational, residential, social, clinical and therapeutic resources.

We work with all families and funding sources to ensure smooth transitions. Tax-deductible donations help keep our program going. We encourage those interested in learning more to visit our campus and tour the school.

Latham School:

Reaching for the Future

At Latham School, children from 8 years to young adults of 22 years are under the care of a special needs teacher and aide. In small home room classes of eight or fewer students. …Read more.

Latham Centers:

Safe Passage to Adulthood

While some Latham children return home to family or enroll in programs closer to home, others may transition to our Adult Programs or remain on Cape Cod to live independently …Read more.

Ways to Give

You can Make a Difference

A gift to Latham Centers will make a difference in the life of each and every individual we serve. To make it as easy as possible for you to donate, we offer a variety of gift vehicles …Read more.