Young artists thrive in Virtual Outreach Clubs: December Reindeer

As summer turned to fall and colder weather meant more time indoors, Patrice Carroll, Katrina Fryklund, and Brittni Kliment created additional virtual opportunities for students engaged in Latham Centers’ Storytime. In their new Tuesday class, students from all over the country come together online to learn facts about an animal, then learn to draw the animal. The young artists create fantastic drawings each week!

The December 1st class highlighted the reindeer. The students were all excited – the December holidays are a favorite time of the year for many of them. They watched a short video about reindeer together – favorite facts included that their antlers can get up to three feet long, they are herbivores, and they are also known as caribou. Katrina led the students through a step-by-step drawing of the animal using the Zoom whiteboard function. “After about 20 different short directions, the students completed beautiful and unique reindeer,” Katrina explained. “Throughout the class, students showed one another their progress, and at the end of class, everyone did a show-and-tell. It’s impressive to see all the kids compliment one another and support each other through the hard parts. Our favorite saying in class is, ‘There are no mistakes in art!’” All the students applauded when they heard they were going to listen to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” as the concluding mindfulness song.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of the students’ creations!

Katrina’s initial drawing, breaking down each part by order in which the students will draw.

Katrina uses the Zoom whiteboard to draw each part of the animal.


Lily’s drawing

“Latham’s Admissions and Outreach Team invites our greater Prader-Willi syndrome community to join their Virtual Learning opportunities”


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