Yoga apprenticeship inspires adult residents to try something new

A new yoga program being developed by Vocational Director Maura Smith has exceeded all expectations in its first several weeks. The “Latham Bliss Yoga” pilot project was inspired by adult resident Michelle C., who loves doing yoga and aspires to become a yoga instructor. In this first-ever Latham Centers yoga apprenticeship, Michelle has been serving as an instructional assistant under the guidance of Sasha and Tina, owners of Sasha’s Yoga & Massage Studio in South Dennis. Michelle sets up for the yoga class, and the weekly sessions have been a welcome stress/anxiety-reduction tool for residents and staff alike. After the first 6 classes of the pilot program, participants surveyed said they were very happy with the yoga class, the instructors, the location, and how it made them feel. And our oldest resident loved the yoga classes so much that she went on to sign up for yoga at the local senior center. Apprentice Michelle is working toward someday co-leading a class, and we wish her all the best in her career development. The next Latham Bliss Yoga session is planned for the spring.

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