Words of Positivity from our Parent Community


We recently celebrated Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Week and our Brewster campus was abuzz with thank-yous and appreciation – both in-person and virtually. We reached out to the parent community and asked, “What do Latham’s DSPs mean to you?” The answers were astounding, and the expressions of gratitude meant the world to our staff. We have included just a few of the many moving sentiments:

      • “During [our son’s] recent home visit – out of the blue – he said, “Mom, I love being at Latham.” This was the first time he expressed his feelings about Latham unprompted. That simple statement spoke volumes. As parents, we just want to see our children happy. Thank you, Latham, for making [him] happy. Our family is forever grateful.”

      • “It’s true when they say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ but this quote is especially true when it comes to those born with PWS or likewise. I often tell those in [my son’s] support network that for the families of those with PWS, it’s a long road to get to Latham! Thank you isn’t enough. Please know that as [my son’s] family we completely appreciate and understand the depths by which you have to go in order to make children like [my son] succeed. We appreciate all you do, from the kind words to the unbelievable structure that needs to be maintained to have [him] succeed every day! Nothing is taken for granted. We’re so proud of the progress [he] has achieved while at Latham so far! Latham STRONG!”

      • “We parents could not feel ok living away from our kids if it wasn’t for the Latham team. Staff are reliable day after day and went above and beyond during covid. They kept our kids entertained and most importantly, safe. They kept the kids’ spirits up, when they themselves were very likely extra stressed.”

      • “Thank you for supporting the dreams, visions, aspirations and goals of our loved ones and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves….we THANK you! Thank you for being our strength when it feels like we want to crumble…we THANK you! Thank you for loving our kids and appreciating their uniqueness….we THANK you! Thank you for your selfless perseverance, day in and day out…we THANK you! Thank you, simply, for just being YOU! May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the DIFFERENCE you make!!!!!!”

These and more uplifting words from our Latham families will be displayed in the new campus staff area. Parent contributions helped to make this staff break area beautiful and comfortable, and we are so grateful! (Pictured: Staff break room, ‘Heroes Work Here’ sign made by students for the St. Patrick’s Parade honoring essential workers, and a special message of thanks on our Latham float.)

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