Women’s History Month Highlights: Lee Chamberlain

Pictured above: Lee in Ireland for the IPWSO 2022 Conference. Photos include sightseeing and leading a conference session.

During Women’s History Month, Latham is selecting a few of our many female heroes to celebrate. Today we highlight Lee Chamberlain, Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer.

Lee is a frequent face and supportive presence in both our Children’s and Adult Services Programs. Whether helping staff at an adult residence, attending a theatrical performance by the students, or leading a software implementation project with a cross-functional team, she is a welcome part of everyone’s lives at Latham.

During COVID-19, Lee stood out not only as a hero amongst the Latham Centers staff, but also in our human services industry network. She worked tirelessly to make sure our program – and others – had the masks and protective equipment necessary to keep our programs safe.

Lee cares deeply about the individuals at Latham; they’re the reason she loves her work, she said. “Our students and adults are great human beings. They bring joy, compassion, enthusiasm, hope, and inspiration to each day. I cannot imagine working with a more inspiring population in creating and maintaining an environment and culture which helps educate them and support them to achieve their goals and desires. I learn from them each day.”

With wisdom learned over many years in the human services field (since graduate school), Lee has mentored countless women in the workplace. Signs of strength for female leaders include asking for and accepting help, Lee said, and showing compassion despite being afraid. She advises:

1. Be comfortable showing compassion, not just feeling it.

2. Accept support and ask for support when you need it.

3. Being courageous is not being afraid. Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway.

Thank you for being one of our Latham Heroes, Lee, and for expressing such important mottos to live by as women in our life-changing industry.

~ Katrina Kozak, Director of National Outreach and Latham’s Women’s History Month series writer

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