Winter Activites

When you ask a person to describe life on Cape Cod, you usually hear about abundant beaches, buzzing little shops and throngs of people visiting the region during their vacations. You hear stories about hikes and kayaking, almost always set against the backdrop of the eternal summer day. Those of us at Latham Centers can tell you two things about this image. The first is that winter makes quick work of that eternal summer day, as our recent 20 degree weather can attest. The second is that winter on the Cape is no less charming for the folks at Latham than summer is!

When the weather starts to get frightful, we at Latham strive to enjoy the cosier side of life! With the bustle of the holidays behind us, we have time to sit with each other and line up what we want from the new year. Staff and students recollect fond memories of the past while gearing up to make new memories in the months to come, and while we may not be swimming or kayaking the way we were in the summer, we count down the days until we can build our first Latham snow man of the season.

The baseball games of summer may have given way to the hockey games of winter, but Latham is heading into the new year with open arms, ready to enjoy all of the friendship and fun that makes Latham my favorite winter destination!

Contributed by:
Hal Johnson,
Residential Supervisor

“When snow falls, nature listens.” 
~Antoinette van Kleeff

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