What’s new in the classrooms at Latham? Part 1


Principal’s Corner
Our teachers (and students) on Latham Campus are so excited to start the new school year! Each teacher recognizes the students’ individual strengths in which he or she gears the lesson plans around. The teachers, simultaneously, learn what skills the students need to improve upon and create fun and interactive activities. Today we will have an insight into three Latham classrooms, and next week we’ll have insight into another three!  
Rock Harbor Revitalization
: Jeff Bush
Do you remember the sheer excitement (and slight terror) that came with the first day of school? New teachers, new classes, new books, and maybe even new friends; it was all so exciting. But for most people, that excitement that comes every September, ends: you graduate, get a job, and life goes on. For teacher’s however, that excitement still persists, and often magnifies!
Each new school year is an opportunity to step back and revitalize the classroom, your lesson plans, and even yourself. What can I do differently this year to make learning more enjoyable? What life lessons can I teach my students (and what will they teach me)?  What experiences can we share as a class this year?
Last year was an exciting year for Rock Harbor: we had student graduations, new student additions, adventurous classroom outings and hundreds of “teachable moments” together. So here’s to a wonderful new school year, and many more to come!
Marconi Makes Waves
: Jessica Gremila
We’re back to school and ready to jump right into our exciting classes!  As the fall semester begins, Marconi is eager to dive into our “Under the Sea” class. During the under the Sea class we will be exploring a wide variety of animals that live under the sea. We will be researching these animals’ habitats and lifestyles. We will be incorporating sensory art crafts as we research each animal.  Marconi will be kicking off our “Where in the World is Marconi” class this fall by exploring each country and its diverse culture.  The students of Marconi are excited and ready to begin another fantastic school year at Latham!!
Plans for Physical Education/Health: 
Monique Williams
How time flies! We’re back to school and all on the move! We’re hoping this school year is filled with hope, and much potential for new learning and growth to happen during Physical Education and Health.  We will begin our first Unit in Health class discussing Growth & Development learning about The Life Cycle, Growth and Change, Bones, Muscles, and Body Systems. Students are kicking off their Physical Education classes with a Soccer Unit hoping to be able to continue to enjoy the abundance of sunshine and warm weather. After school students have had the opportunity to participate in our Fall Special Olympics Teams!  The Flag Football Team has begun training for their journey to Gillette Stadium this year, while the Soccer Team has also began their journey to what is hoping to be a successful tournament filled day! Residence continues to run Campus Activities for the students to participate in after school with each suite running a fun- filled activity! As the school year goes on, we’re looking forward to creating opportunities for students to develop the skills to cultivate a positive attitude toward physical activity and to develop healthy habits, which will hopefully continue throughout their lives.
Kara McDowell
Assistant Principal



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