We’re excited to launch the Latham Sibling Group

A new Latham Sibling Group will begin virtual meetings next month! Latham Centers’ Admissions and Outreach team talks to many families about their child with Prader-Willi syndrome, as well as the other siblings in the home environment. Director of National Outreach Katrina Fryklund said she’s looking forward to the launch of this new group. “Often, we hear that the individual with PWS in someone’s family is the center of attention, when the reality is that every sibling is important. Additionally, siblings of somebody with complex special needs, or PWS, are typically forward-thinking and regularly asking questions like, ‘What does our family’s future look like?’ and ‘Who is going to the guardian of my sibling when he or she is an adult and our parents pass?’ and ‘How can I be the best sibling even though I get frustrated sometimes?’”

The team reached out to siblings of program participants at Latham Centers and asked in a poll, first: Would you like to join a group like this? and second, If so, what would you like the group to be about? The response was outstanding!

Latham Centers will host its first virtual Sibling Group on Thursday, February 4th, from 5-6 pm EST over Zoom. The goals of this group are to support one another, to provide an opportunity for group discussions with people who have similar experiences, and to share thoughts about the future. We invite all the siblings of our Latham students and adult residents to join us on February 4th. If interested, please contact Susan LaPlant, Admissions Officer, at slaplant@lathamcenters.org.

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