We’re excited to announce September’s PWS Social Hours

Throughout the past six months, our Admissions and Outreach team has shared wonderful highlights about our growing Virtual PWS Community. Latham Centers’ Director of National Outreach Katrina Fryklund noted, “It has been incredible to see kiddos and adults with PWS from around the country coming together on the Zoom platform. Historically, we often heard from students and families about their experiences of isolation – feeling like “they’re the only ones around them who understand PWS.” Now we more frequently hear about the life-changing experiences of meeting others who share their same diagnosis and shared interests.”

Patrice Carroll, Latham’s Virtual Storytime Coordinator and Director of PWS Services, explained: “Initially, what we hoped for was to give these individuals an opportunity to connect during a time when social connection was lacking. What we have seen in just a few short months is a community that has grown and become stronger with each event that we have run. In both the children and the adult social hours, we see friendships that have been built and continue to get stronger and stronger through this virtual meeting. It has been an amazing experience that we are happy to continue to moderate and to watch the friendships grow.”

We are going into our fifth Children’s Social Hour (for ages 8-22) this Wednesday, September 16th, and our third Adult Social Hour (for ages 22+) next Thursday, September 24th, and our participants couldn’t be more excited. This month, the hosts are offering a Virtual Talent Show in which individuals have the opportunity to share their talents with their friends for up to two minutes. As always, there will be time for everyone to catch up with one another and hear about their friends’ most recent goings-on.

  • The Children’s Social Hour will be held on Wednesday, September 16th, from 5-6pm EST

  • The Adult Social Hour will be held on Thursday, September 24th, from 5-6pm EST

If you know someone who has thought about joining, there is no better time than the present! Attendance typically ranges from 15 people to 35 people, and everyone has a chance to participate. To learn more information about how to sign up, please contact Ashley Pouliot, Admissions Assistant, at ashleypouliot@lathamcenters.org.

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