Warm(er) weather and fun activities ‘RAIN’ in April

Latham students and staff are excited about April finally arriving! Our calendars are bursting with activities. The Children’s Program’s Residential Activities Calendar provides a schedule of events for students to plan for and look forward to. The Res team is so creative with a variety of fun, engaging activities – from ‘Aquatics Club’ to ‘Yoga with Danny’ to ‘Krafts with Kris’ to ‘Spa Night’!

The Staff Activities Calendar for Children’s team members provides opportunities to socialize with colleagues, have fun, relax, and feel appreciated! This month, staff can go jogging with colleagues, get a haircut “on the house,” and participate in drawings for fun “after-hours” activities. The Staff Activities Calendar for the Adult and Admin teams includes trivia, Bingo, walking club, and more…

(Pictured: Partial April Activities Calendars.) Stay tuned for fun photos and anecdotes about agency-wide happenings throughout the month.

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