Vocational Training: Latham Centers Partners with Old Navy

IMG_9605Students prepared in classrooms for the off-campus trip.

On the week of July 18th the students from the Simpkins cottage were invited to a job readiness camp at Old Navy in Hyannis. They worked Monday through Friday 3-5p on several skills necessary to obtain and maintain a job in the retail business. The participants went over the new trends of the fall, what a shop concept is and how it flows in the store. They also learned practiced styling a mannequin! The students participated in a women’s style guide walk through just like what the merchandising manager does with her general manager! They learned the ins and outs of visual merchandising and realized it is not what it seems! All students were engaged and contributed throughout the week as they were applying all the concepts they learned. 
Thank you Rebecca Morris for taking the time out to present this opportunity to our students!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.54.38 AM

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