A Vocational Partnership Between Latham Centers and Brewster Ladies’ Library: The Slideshow

Screen shot 2015-12-29 at 9.46.38 AMCaption: Students help each other sort returned books alphabetically.

The staff at Brewster Ladies’ Library and Latham Centers have worked together for many years in order to create a partnership that truly benefits our students. Take a look at this slideshow to see photos of the students in action!  
Right down the road from campus, the library is a favorite spot to volunteer. Students learn about alphabetizing the books and putting them back on the shelves, but more importantly they learn about responsibility and companionship. For example, you can see Maggie*, a long-time student of Latham Centers and volunteer at the library, teaching new students skills that she has learned throughout the slideshow. Students don’t just work with the books, but also help prepare for Lego Club and other regular library activities.


*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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