Virtual Learning Update: Our clinician-led learning component


As we continue our Virtual Learning initiative, more students join us every week. Teachers are getting comfortable in their virtual educator positions, students are feeling more relaxed on camera and speaking up in class, and our virtual programming staff continue to incorporate innovative lessons Monday through Friday. While students continue to participate in core subjects such as math and English Language Arts, they also spend time in physical education, vocational learning, and clinician-led learning.

Latham students are inspired by starting off each morning in a positive direction with a 10:00 clinical session. The clinicians have tackled complicated subjects such as worry, mindfulness listening, mindfulness breathing, brain chemistry, and conversation cards. They also engage in fun subjects such as yoga and the importance of laughter. Sometimes students discuss worries that they have: “I’m not sure how long this is going to last and I don’t want my friends and family getting sick.” Our clinicians work through those complicated emotions through the support of writing exercises and group discussions. More often, students discuss things that they are excited about: “I can’t wait to go outside again today! Yesterday was beautiful and I got to go collect sea glass at the beach.”

Nick, a student thriving in Virtual Learning with the support of his mother, sent completed mindful listening worksheets (pictured below) to the program coordinators.  Staff members Brittni, Katrina, and Patrice – all of whom participate in our virtual programming – said they were impressed with Nick’s deep listening skills. “We could picture him on his porch listening to the birds chirping and wind chimes tapping.”

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