Virtual Learning: Students explore Creative Writing and Poetry

As students at Latham Centers continue to learn on our virtual portal, teachers and staff innovatively plan for lessons suitable to both students on campus and in the virtual classroom. In teaching about writing styles, Catherine C. reviewed styles including persuasive, informative, descriptive, narrative, and poetry. During the first lesson, she reviewed the different writing styles and asked the students to write a piece of poetry about something that they enjoy. Nick sent along a couple creative poems that Catherine was able to screenshare during the second lesson the following week. The students discussed Nick’s Haiku poetry, and then read an article about Earth Day.

Combining both concepts, Catherine then challenged the students to write a piece about Earth Day, or the Earth, in any style they like. She left some time for brainstorming. Students discussed writing about the spring weather, the blooming flowers, endangered species, and the importance of recycling.

Catherine’s lesson finished with an example:

Informative — Inform the reader about a topic relating to Earth Day — animals, the climate, forest, the food industry, ocean animals, etc.

Example: Why the ocean provides a safe environment for sea turtles

– Both sea turtles and humans are dependent on the health of our oceans.

– Oceans generate a large amount of the clean air we breathe.

– Oceans help shape the world’s weather systems and shield us from the effects of climate change by soaking up heat that reaches the planet from the sun.

– Over 3 billion people rely on fish and other seafood as a major source of food.

– About 350 million jobs around the globe are linked to the ocean. The marine tourism industry alone provides 200 million jobs worldwide.

– Ocean waves, winds, and currents offer clean, nonpolluting energy alternatives.

We can’t wait to hear the students read their pieces!




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