Valentine’s Day on Latham Campus


The Valentine’s Day dinner table set for kings and queens.


Our individuals all looked so nice, dressed up for Valentine’s Day Dinner. One gentleman in a suit, ladies in lovely pink and red, and one very original young man dressed in green and a top hat which brought smiles and good cheer; his humor and originality were very clever and lighthearted.
As everyone became settled at their tables, the remarks of how nice everything looked could be heard among the chatter and laughter. The Residential Staff did an amazing job and the dining room looked beautiful.
Then dinner was served. An amazing menu sure to please was presented to the students and served by staffers! The kitchen went above and beyond with this delicious four course meal. Everyone raved. Twenty to 25 students were served in each of the two seatings. In the first seating there was a request for the Chef and his staff come out for a round of applause and thanks. In the second seating, a speech of thanks to the Chef and his staff from one of our individual’s followed by a round of applause.
Valentine’s Day is an evening filled with the spirit of love and gratitude; this led to comments about how good everything was and even one individual letting the Chef know she was stuffed. Such a great evening to be a part of, and one that will be looked forward to for many years to come.

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