Turning National Parents’ Day into National Parents’ Week: Post 2

Yesterday, we sent a big thank you [Turning National Parents’ Day into National Parents’ Week: Post 1 – Latham Centers] to our parent community in recognition of National Parents’ Day (WEEK at Latham Centers!) Today’s student perspective is heartwarming! Our Latham students are loving and caring individuals, and when asked to write about their gratitude, they all lined up and said, “My turn!” Here are some of their parent tributes:

  • “I am grateful for my mom, Debbie, because she helped me when I was sick.” – Luke

  • “I am grateful for you because you make me great food. Thanks for being the best parents ever. Love, Homer.”

  • “I am grateful for my mom because of everything that she does for me, like coming to visit me and bringing my animals.” -Chris

  • “I am thankful for my family.” -Anilton

  • “I am grateful for my mom, I love her a ton!” -Josel

  • “I am grateful for my grandma for taking me on bike rides.” -Tyler“I am grateful for my Mom and Dad who take care of me and do fun things with me like going to Hawaii. They will always love me and I will always love them. They are the best parents ever!” -Matthew

  • “I am grateful for you coming to stay with me!” – Hailey

  • “I am grateful for you because you play fun games with me, you take me to my favorite places, you cook me pasta, you snuggle with me, and you teach me processes.” – Nick

  • “I am grateful for Mom and Dad for taking me to restaurants when they come visit me!” -Juliette

  • “I am grateful to my Dad because he supports me. My dad loves me. I love my Dad. Thanks for coming to visit me. He is a good Dad.” -Kassandra

  • “I am grateful for you because you love me, care for me, support me. You always help during hard times. I love you a lot. Love, Ann.”

We’ve included a few photos in today’s post.  Tune in for tomorrow’s TIP of the Week, when we’ll highlight ANOTHER awesome video of our students’ thank-yous – and more photos!


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