Trevor from Colorado reads on Latham’s Storytime

As we continue our Virtual Storytime providing a growing community for students with Prader-Willi syndrome, our student readers truly shine! On Latham Centers’ July 20th Virtual Storytime, Trevor selected Millie’s Chickens written by Brenda Williams and illustrated by Valeria Cis. It’s a fun story: “Tend Millie’s backyard chickens from day to night in this rhyming picture book, which is right on trend and packed with science info.” Katrina Fryklund (our Director of National Outreach) noted that the book was right up Trevor’s ally. “He lives on a farm in Colorado and has his very own chickens and roosters! He regularly updates his friends with new goings-on at his family farm, and he describes what farm life is like. The kiddos absolutely love it.”

After Trevor read, he sent Brittni, Patrice, and Katrina (Storytime Coordinators) the following:

To Brittni, Katrina, Patrice, and Latham Centers:

Thank you for letting me read for story hour. It was fun reading a story to all the people. I feel like I have new friends at Latham Centers and across the country. It is fun to be friends with other people who have PWS because they understand me. That made it easy for me to read the story. I want to do it again sometime. Trevor W., 16

We are so proud of Trevor – and all of our students. The goal of Storytime was to not only create an activity for youngsters around the country with PWS during COVID, but also to create a community. Trevor articulates it best: “It’s fun to be friends with other people who have PWS because they understand me.”


Pictured: Trevor with his family.

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